Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iron Man 3: In Defence of the Blockbuster

Image source: Marvel.

You might call me a fan of Robert Downey, Jr. I have not watched the TV series Sherlock because I cannot fathom Benedict Cumberbatch's performance rivalling Downey's in his own Sherlock Holmes movies. In fact, I fully believe that almost any movie could be improved by the inclusion of Downey. Star Wars? Sorry, Harrison Ford. Casino Royale? Get him playing both James Bond and Felix Leiter, and then we can talk. Maybe cast him as Le Chiffre too. Mean Girls? Put a wig on Downey and call him Lindsay Lohan if you have to.

My unhealthy levels of fanboyism aside, I still like to believe I can critically assess a movie despite the Downey factor. When I went to the advance screening of Iron Man 3 Thursday night, I expected Downey's performance to be entertaining, because I don't think he's been physically capable of anything else since at least 2007. But I also braced myself for the idea that the rest of the movie might not quite live up to its predecessors, not to mention The Avengers. I also knew that the movie was inspired by the Extremis storyline from the comics, which was a good arc, but certainly not my favourite. (I'm still waiting for some studio to greenlight a Superior Spider-Man movie.)

Thankfully, I was entirely wrong to doubt the movie, and completely blown away as a result. Of course, however, not everyone felt this way. One negative review that particularly caught my attention was that of Manohla Dargis in The New York Times. Dargis approaches the review from a perspective very different from that of, say, the late Roger Ebert. Rather than giving advice on whether or not the average viewer might enjoy the movie, she uses it as a springboard to launch a scholarly critique of Hollywood's entire contemporary approach to the War on Terror. I wish to respond to her criticisms of Iron Man 3, and perhaps even defend the Hollywood blockbuster as an art form in the process.

But first: If you have not already seen the movie, go see it right now. Don't wait a single minute more. And certainly do not read the rest of this post, because from here on out, spoilers will be legion.

Monday, May 9, 2011

WTF 2011: The Musical (Overview)

Well, that was interesting to say the least. If you had talked to me at the beginning of the campaign, I would have said that I was optimistic that Michael Ignatieff's Liberals could make a comeback and just might secure a minority, finally defeating Stephen Harper's Conservatives. And judging by the final results, boy, would I have been wrong: Conservative majority, strong NDP opposition, rump status for the Liberals, a loss of party status for the Bloc, and finally a seat for the Greens. I don't think anyone living in Canada has been able to avoid the election results for this long, so I don't see any point in going into detail beyond that.

Which leads to my analysis: What in bloody hell just happened? It's as if Ke$ha announced that she was recording a children's album: No one could have predicted it even a month ago, and many people are still very uncertain about how they feel about the whole thing. Since all this mindscrew can't be shoehorned into one post, I would like to announce the beginning of a new limited series on Maple Glaze, entitled "WTF 2011".

WTF 2011 Banner

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prologue to a B-Grade Horror Movie

"Slowly, but surely, the long-dead blog lurched back to life. It seemed to instantly heal the damage it had sustained from the forces of decomposition, and seemed to be living once more. And yet there seemed to be something different about it.

Had the zombie apocalypse begun? Only time would tell."

Yes, Maple Glaze is alive once again, and not actually, to my knowledge, a zombie! Inspired by the entry into the blogging world of my friend over at The Dark Side of Academia, I've decided that I'm going to once more attempt to keep this project up-to-date. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time right now to add another substantial new post, but I promise to do so within the next day or two. In the meantime, enjoy the pretty new template, which is much closer to what I originally envisioned for the blog. I should have most of the kinks worked out now.


Well, except that one. I may need a priest for that one.